ICC offers to incorporate ladies’ T20 in 2022 Commonwealth Games


ICC affirmed on Monday (November 26) its accommodation of an offer for the consideration of Women’s T20 cricket in the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. While declaring the choice, ICC CEO David Richardson talked about ‘making another association’ between ladies’ cricket and the Commonwealth diversions. The choice comes when ladies’ cricket is on the domination as far as quality, reach and intrigue.

women's commonwealth cricket

“Cricket and the Commonwealth are inseparably connected and flawlessly lined up with 910 million of cricket’s one billion or more grown-up fans from Commonwealth nations. Making another association between ladies’ cricket and the Commonwealth Games shows the dedication the two associations need to developing ladies’ game and conveying more prominent balance, decency and opportunity in game over the Commonwealth,” ICC Chief Executive David Richardson.

“Birmingham is the ideal place to dispatch this organization as the city shares cricket’s rich and various culture and legacy. 23 percent of the city’s inhabitants have connections to cricket playing countries outside the UK, the profound association among cricket and Birmingham will unite individuals and rouse future ages of players and aficionados of ladies’ cricket. If cricket somehow managed to be arranged in these Games, we realize each group contending would be ensured ‘home’ bolster. There’s an instant gathering of people and instant framework in the nearby region.

“This organization can possibly go route past a wearing occasion that can be delighted in by a huge number of fans in Birmingham, the UK and whatever is left of the world. I trust the players who mirror the assorted variety of this gathering of people will send a ground-breaking message to young ladies in Birmingham and past about the potential that they can accomplish through game.”

The main past occasion of cricket being a piece of the federation diversions was in 1998 in Malaysia, when South Africa completed over the platform while Australia and New Zealand stowed the silver and bronze awards individually.




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