The passing of Phillip Hughes


A bouncer, an endeavored snare shot, and an infinitesimal misjudgement. From those apparently harmless fixings came a standout amongst the most deplorable on-field events in cricket history.

Phillip Hughes, a Test opener with 26 top of the line hundreds, and a man who multi month sooner had been in Australia’s Test squad, was struck on the neck while batting on 63 out of a Sheffield Shield coordinate at the SCG in November 2014. A couple of minutes after the fact, he tumbled to the ground. He never recovered cognizance, and kicked the bucket in healing center two days after the fact.

Cricketers had passed on as the consequence of on-field occurrences previously, yet sometimes, and considerably more infrequently at top of the line level. Hughes’ demise shaken the game to its center, on a few dimensions. Right off the bat, he was a broadly cherished and regarded player, who had made companions wherever he went. Besides, every cricketer at each dimension pondered, if a batsman as skilled as Hughes could bite the dust from a confounded shot, how safe was the diversion they were playing?

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Sixty-three uncommon bats were shown at the SCG upon the arrival of Hughes’ funeral


The reaction was prompt and overpowering. Multi day of Test cricket between New Zealand and Pakistan, most of the way around the globe in the UAE, was put off. “Put out your bats” turned into a route for everybody, all over, to respect Hughes. The beginning of Australia’s Test arrangement was deferred. His memorial service was broadcast live.

In the more extended term, robust inquiries required replying. Is it true that anyone was to be faulted? An investigation said no. Could player security be made strides? Truly. Crisis systems at matches are currently more thoroughly arranged, the tenets around utilization of head protectors have been fixed, and a push towards blackout substitutes proceeds.

Major inquiries additionally emerged. Could cricket ever be played as hard again? What’s more, would bowlers utilize bouncers any longer? The appropriate responses, plainly, have been yes and yes. Here and there cricket has changed, however the occasions of November 2014 can never be overlooked. What’s more, nor can Hughes, who remains perpetually 63 not out.




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