Ghana’s AWCON leave uncovered obsolete mentalities towards ladies’ football


It has been a cornucopia of ladies’ football for Ghanaians this month, and it has represented why there ought to be trust, yet in addition alert, for the game in the African nation.

In Uruguay at the U-17 World Cup, the Ghana group did what a considerable measure of the nation’s childhood groups do: Dazzle and prevail upon fans at an opportune time, at the end of the day unhinge at the huge obstacles. Against Mexico, they lost on punishments in the quarterfinals.

The Black Maidens were in incredible shape, winning each of the three gathering matches, before Mexico misused a shortcoming in their goalkeeping, and a national abhorrence for punishments, to thump them out.

Driven by the remarkable Mukarama Abdoulai, the Ghanaian teenagers scored 11 objectives in four matches. Mukarama packed away seven of them. What’s more, they played a brand of football that has prompted revelations of expectation among numerous Ghanaian football fans.

High expectations from exciting showcases by youth groups are just the same old thing new in Ghana. Just before the Maidens’ crusade arrived at an end in Uruguay, there was proof in Accra about the need to relax with the expectations. Proof mounted about how that guarantee once in a while means the senior side.

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The senior group, the Black Queens, attempted to force themselves on the Africa Women Cup of Nations, which the nation is facilitating. With a side commanded by players who came through progressive U-17 sides since their elimination round complete at the World Cup in 2012, Ghana faltered to an exit at the gathering stage.

The Black Queens beat Algeria 1-0 in the opening amusement, at that point lost the second diversion to Mali 2-1. The Queens at that point gave away the prompt draw 1-1 against Cameroon to leave the opposition.


That leave implies there will be no FIFA Women’s World Cup for Ghana in 2019, drawing out their nonappearance from the greatest dimension of the amusement to eight years more than three competitions. Incidentally, they have never missed a young dimension World Cup.

From various perspectives, the Black Queens’ poor arrangements made up for lost time with them at home, and the response to those amusements uncovered the general attitude towards ladies’ football in the nation.

In endeavoring to safeguard his players, Black Queens mentor Bashir Hayford utilized words that have been intensely reprimanded since.

“I need to have my young ladies unwind, have a tranquil personality,” he said in the post coordinate question and answer session. “I would prefer not to shell them with allegations since they dislike men.

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“Men are so accommodative and can without much of a stretch endure [criticism]. Ladies don’t endure these things to such an extent. In the event that you don’t fare thee well, you compound the circumstance.”

Hayford was by all account not the only prominent mentor to recommend a disparaging way to deal with the Black Queens. Previous Ghana U-17 and U-23 mentor David Duncan pursued a Twitter storm when he requested fans to go simple on goalkeeper Patricia Mantey after her blunder skilled Mali their second objective.

“This is a man’s amusement, regardless,” he tweeted. “Ladies football ought to dependably be only for diversion. For the men it’s constantly two-edged: delight and business. So please go simple on the women.”

VP of the Ghana Football Association’s Normalization Committee, Lucy Quist, was offended by the mentors’ remarks and reacted with tweets of her own: “I have heard some appalling things said in regards to our Black Queens, some even right in the stadium.

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“Losing a match isn’t cause for such obscenity. Disgrace on everybody who viewed OUR young ladies and talked such words.

“What’s more, no, ladies are not toys and their diversion isn’t only for beguilement. In the event that you can’t see the vision of the intensity of football needs to change lives, whenever utilized emphatically, at that point kindly don’t mess with your commitment.”

Those discourses by two of the greatest mentors in the nation reflect the national state of mind from numerous partners in the ladies’ diversion. Furthermore, there has been sufficient proof of that amid the AWCON in Ghana.

The development to the competition, both for the group and as far as advancement, was nearly non-existent. While the men’s side, the Black Stars, get ready for each Africa Cup of Nations in the best settings in Dubai and South Africa, the Queens remained nearby, at the Ghanaman Soccer School of Excellence.

As the competition has gone on, now at the elimination round stage, fans have battled for data about things as essential as where to purchase coordinate tickets.

All things considered, there was a sense from the manner in which the Maidens played in Uruguay that things will enhance and dispositions will change. The previous couple of week has uncovered a great deal of the partiality against ladies football in Ghana, however there has likewise been sufficient intrigue and ability to expand on for what’s to come.






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