Rajamangala test will decide whether Singapore sinks or swims in the AFF Cup


In Southeast Asian football, the last place you need to be when just a win will do is Bangkok. Getting to the Rajamangala Stadium can be precarious. The most ideal route is on the back of one of the several motorbikes that stay nearby the nearest tram station to ship the many thousands that set out there toward the defining moments.

On the off chance that arriving is difficult, getting out with something is more troublesome.

Thailand have been the locale’s big cheeses for a couple of years now and, beside a worse than average execution in a week ago’s 1-1 draw with the Philippines, are hinting at few giving up that grandiose position. Preferred groups over Singapore have battled in the capital, however Sunday’s standoff could be a defining moment for the Lions. Getting an outcome in Bangkok would be a tremendous advance forward for new mentor Fandi Ahmad and send an immense message to whatever is left of the locale. A win would ensure a place in the last four; a draw will be sufficient should the Philippines lose in Jakarta.

For Singapore, being in conflict going into the last round of amusements is certifiably not an awful execution for a group that wound up in the harder of the two gatherings. With four groups going for the best two spots and one of those being Thailand, it was a major inquire.

The exhibitions have been empowering. The 1-0 opening win over Indonesia, the group that dumped Singapore out of the 2016 version, was as fulfilling as it was merited. The 1-0 misfortune in the Philippines was likewise a reasonable outcome; the Lions were aggressive yet did not make enough.

That misfortune driven mentor Fandi to request a four-objective prevail upon Timor Leste in the penultimate gathering diversion. Such an open interest is a bizarre one in Singapore. Surely forerunner V. Sundramoorthy could never have said a wonder such as this, however it is a characteristic of a more forceful and sure group.

The group reacted with a 6-1 triumph. The home group went constantly forward and was loaded with controlled animosity. Truly, it was just Timor Leste, and a youthful Timor Leste at that, however this was a group that had returned from three objectives down against the Philippines to lose 3-2 and give Sven-Goran Eriksson and his men a tremendous unnerve.


The 6-1 win is presumably not going to be sufficient in light of the fact that the outcome from simply outside Manila was not what mentor Fandi would have needed. The tie was somewhat lucky for Thailand, yet it would have suited Singapore more had the Thais held tight for the win. It would have put the Lions in second and realizing that a draw would be sufficient should the Philippines neglect to win in Jakarta.

That redirected objective from Jovin Bevic likewise implies Indonesia are currently out – making a Philippines point or three a lot likelier. The Gelora Bung Karno can make truly outstanding and most scaring climates in Asia, yet when the diversion amounts to nothing, at that point it loses quite a bit of its teeth.

It likewise implies that Thailand have everything to play for. With a greatest nine points and by a wide margin the unrivaled objective contrast, a win would have for all intents and purposes guaranteed the advancement of the War Elephants. Presently, they realize that thrashing will probably mean end. That, for a country going for three AFF Cups on the jog and six altogether, is unimaginable.

Singapore mentor Fandi Ahmad, be that as it may, isn’t contemplating that.

“The last diversion will choose our destiny, and I have faith in my group,” he said. “We will give the Thais a decent battle, despite the fact that they are top picks. We won’t rely upon any other person aside from ourselves. It is about time we go out there and battle for our lives.”

Thus Singapore go to the hardest place in Southeast Asia, realizing that they likely need a win to advance. That is a straightforward condition regardless of whether it will be the hardest assignment.



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