Ben Lecomte surrenders endeavor to swim Pacific Ocean


TOKYO – A French-American man has surrendered his endeavor to swim over the Pacific Ocean after a tempest broke the mainsail of his

help send, coordinators said Monday.

Ben Lecomte, who had finished around 1,500 nautical miles of the 5,000-mile venture, considered the untimely end to the swim a profound dissatisfaction.

“We’ve confronted deceptive breezes, rain and sea swells that have constrained us to change our course, and the hopeless harm to the sail is a difficult blow,” he said in a news discharge.

The declaration was made by Seeker, a San Francisco-based online science distributer that banded together with Lecomte and has been reporting his endeavor.

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He had set out on June 5 from Japan’s Pacific drift and was swimming a normal of eight hours every day. Vicious tempests had officially constrained him to intrude on the swim after 500 nautical miles and come back to Japan in late July. The mainsail broke on Nov. 10.

The harmed ship and Lecomte are gradually advancing toward Hawaii. They are gathering information on plastic contamination in the sea, one of the logical points of the swim.




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