Steve Austin Unveil What Present WWE Superstars He Wishes To Wrestle


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Steve Austin will probably never wrestle another match in the ace wrestling ring, however we can dream, right? His knees and neck most likely can’t take a knock, despite the fact that in the event that I were a wagering man he can be spreading individuals out with Stone Cold Stunners for quite a while to come in the event that he so picks.

The Rattlesnake as of late opened up on The Steve Austin Show about a couple WWE Superstars that he might want to confront whenever given the possibility. One was Brock Lesnar, which they are companions. Ideally, Austin would trust Lesnar enough not to annihilate him. In any case, Austin additionally uncovered that he wouldn’t see any problems with strolling with Elias either.

“On the off chance that I would have another match, what current [WWE] Superstar would it be [against]? I don’t have a clue, man. That is a decent inquiry. Obviously, I’m great companions with Brock Lesnar, so I figure it is cool to work with Brock in light of the fact that I was assume to each one of those years back. Once more, I’ve known Brock for eternity. We’re great companions.”

“I additionally truly think Elias is doing incredibly well. What’s more, I’d jump at the chance to work with that person to raise him. I believe that he’s headed to being a best person. However, Elias has been gaining increasingly ground. The character work is coming near. The guitar work is extraordinary. Damn great turn in the ring. Incredible contrivance. He’s working infant now. Clearly, he’s sort of doing his thing, however skewed toward the child side and I imagine that is extraordinary in light of the fact that it’s sort of a cool contrivance. He was getting heat with it as well, however he’s an extremely engaging person.”

For Austin to state that he needs to work with Lesnar and Elias is a high acclaim for the two men, particularly Elias. As The Drifter’s character keeps on developing on TV, it will intrigue check whether Vince McMahon concurs with Austin so he keeps on setting Elias in more featured jobs.





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